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    The Program For Lyric Theatre in Italy

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    On the cutting edge, The Program For Lyric Theatre in Italy gives strategies to grow a singer's audience through practical insight into concert planning, performance practice, marketing and networking. It is a "hands-on" experience that provides tools which can be used now and throughout one's career.


    The first two weeks are spent learning and rehearsing for performances specifically designed for each student. We work with the student (and their voice instructor) to create performances that show off their strengths, while challenging them as well. Additionally, students receive two to three private voice lessons a week with world-class professional performers, voice coachings, group acting classes and rehearsals, language classes, day-trip excursions and more. Excursions will be to the hidden gem of Urbino, and the coastal beach town of Pesaro, along with an optional day to Florence at the end of the program.


    The third week is where students get to show off their performance abilities, as well as language and business skills, as they work cooperatively with each other and local merchants to produce their own show under the guidance of faculty. This unique aspect has been the incubator for many students' future endeavors and led to large scale professional projects.





    Students pay additionally for a furnished apartment (gas, water and light utilities included) from May, 19 (arrival date) to June 8 (departure), 2018



    double room: Euro 260,00 

    single room: Euro 320,00


    INDEPENDENT APARTMENT with 1 bedroom (for 1 or 2 persons). 

    For 1 person (single bed): Euro 420,00 

    For 2 persons: in a double bed or with 2 single beds: Euro 600,00


    Deadline to apply: TBA



    Email us here to request an application.


    Visit The Program for Lyric Theatre in Piobbico on Facebook and see pictures, videos and testimonials of past graduating classes like the ones below.


    For more information about our partners in Italy, along with accommodations, visit their website here.



    "The EA Group has given me an amazing experience that I will never forget,

    and I hope I can participate in the program again." - Claire


    "I'm so sad to go but so happy at the same time to have spent the last three weeks studying and bonding with these wonderfully talented people. I will miss them all so much and I'm grateful for all the great new memories!" -Angel


    "I am so lucky that I got this experience and if I had the chance, I would go back and do it all again tomorrow." - Rachel

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