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    Whether you are just starting out or making a living as a performer, our experienced professionals can provide guidance to get you to the next step. Each cares about passing along the important information they have learned to you so that you may have every advantage as you pursue your goals.


    Simply email us to find out how we can best provide a consulting package to meet your needs.


    Consultations start at 25.00 an hour and include a personalized Action Plan. Check out our experts here and their specializations here.





    Musical Theatre Voice, Classical Voice, and Public Speaking Classes/lessons are offered in Orlando by working professionals with university teaching experience.


    Private lessons include a free consultation with a written action-plan to help you reach your goals.


    Lesson packages start at 45.00 per hour. Prices may vary according to availability and subject area.


    Group Classes begin a $10 per hour and offer quality instruction in the subject area and in entrepreneurship. They culminate in opportunities for paid performances. No experience is necessary but assessment auditions are required. Subject areas include acting, improv, and vocal ensembles






    The Lyric Italy Intensive happens once a year and is the perfect opportunity to gain performance experience, develop your brand and create life-long friendships.



    The 2018 Program for Lyric Theatre Intensive will be from May 26 - June 15 in the picturesque town of Piobbico, Italy in the Le Marche region. This intensive offers a unique blend of traditional language-immersion based education for singers with a heavy dose of entrepreneurial experiences to help students plan for a vibrant career. Click here for more information.










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The EA Group is a consulting firm which gives advice and instruction based on experience and is not responsible for procuring employment for clients. Consultations with The EA Group do not guarantee casting or employment.